Kyrillos Has Israel’s Back

Foreign policy is suddenly back on the Election 2012 menu just weeks before the November vote.

Welcome to politics, Save Jerseyans. And it isn’t even October yet.

Even New Jersey politicians took a break from debating jobs and the economy to weigh in. This afternoon, U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Kyrillos (R-NJ) waded into the US-Israel fray after President Obama refused to meet with that country’s Prime Minister.

A statement:

The decision of the White House to deny a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu at this time of uncertainty in the Middle East and when the Prime Minister is a short Acela train ride away from Washington is not only insulting, but a dereliction of duty.  With ongoing news reports that Iran is making gains in their nuclear program, the crises in Syria and Egypt, and a fresh attack in Libya killing the US Ambassador, now is an obvious time for a meeting between the leaders of our two countries. It’s the right thing to do at a sensitive time for Israel’s security and world peace.   I note Senator Menendez’ silence and urge him to stand up for Israel and call on the President to do the same.”