Menendez, Booker Discussed in Latest Undercover O’Keefe Video

Menendez, Booker Discussed in Latest Undercover O’Keefe Video

Rutgers alum James O’Keefe is continuing his investigation into alleged “shovel ready” stimulus funding abuse, Save Jerseyans. As per usual, some of Mr. O’Keefe’s footage will shock unengaged Americans.

And guess what? Two big-time New Jersey politicians came up as topics this time around!

One (Cory Booker) somewhat favorably. The other (Bob Menendez)… well, a somewhat different story depending on your perspective…


123 thoughts on “Menendez, Booker Discussed in Latest Undercover O’Keefe Video

  1. James O'Keefe continues to do amazing work!

    He was kind enough to do an interview for our show "Common Sense."

    Him and his team continue to do the work the "lamestream" media refuses to do, and what's worse, won't report on it when he does the uncovering!

  2. This program is actually better than some of the programs suggested by Senator Menendez.

    In the case of the Atlantic City Railroad, we have $20 million in subsidy costs every every year because they wanted to create construction jobs to build the railroad. Digging holes would have been less destructive.

    Let's take the River Line. Another loser for hundreds of millions of dollars. Now we have the new $40 million Pennsauken Transfer Station built with stimulus money. Another turkey to be subsidized. The Frank Lautenburg Rail Station.

    Then you have the ARC Tunnel. Menendez's great project. I think it would be better to just spend $1 billion having people move dirt from one place to another and then filling up the holes rather than build the tunnel at $13 billion or so. The really detrimental part of the ARC Tunnel is its attempt to prop up massively subsidized rail lines rather than replacing those lines with that modern invention called the bus.

    And, wouldn't CA taxpayers prefer a $600 million shifting dirt project to the $6 billion cost of the railroad to nowhere?

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