No More Distractions: Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

With the first Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado only one week away, it seems as though everyone in the media is weighing in on potential outcomes.  There are countless strategies being communicated, and predictions about whether or not Romney will prevail.  There are a lot of low expectations, however, which may not be such a bad thing.

If he outperforms his opponent, I think he will rally the masses and maybe change some peoples’ perceptions of him and his capabilities.  In order to get to the gift, people have to be willing to unwrap the box.

I am certain that the Romney camp is feeling intense pressure right about now, as there has been so much “noise on the line” as of late – the 47% video, the tax returns.  It is very easy to lose sight of the primary objective if the noise cannot be silenced.

The end result will be that focus is placed on the wrong areas, and in order to increase support for himself as a candidate, Romney needs to ignore these distractions, once and for all.

If I were one of his debate coaches, Save Jerseyans, I would tell Romney that his top objective is to exhibit strength and depict himself as a thoughtful leader during the debates.

In fact, I think that if Romney uses Obama’s shoddy record against him indirectly by addressing the problem areas, explaining why they are still problem areas almost four years later, and confidently providing clear and MEASUREABLE solutions for the problems, he will show the world that he has taken control of a potentially compromising situation and delivered necessary remediation plans for reconstructing an otherwise flawed federal government.

I really believe that Romney’s discussion of the solutions is absolutely key to his success in the debates and in the overall campaign.  We all know what the issues are, but what we don’t know is how they can be eliminated.  People crave information – they do not want to be left in the dark, especially during these trying times.

I definitely want to hear about specific plans of action that the Romney-Ryan administration would implement, if elected.  Romney needs to keep focus on delivery of his primary message – plans for the nation’s recovery – because Obama will try to deviate away from that message every which way he can.

Romney can highlight failures of the Obama administration, but he should take the opportunity to bring attention to what he will bring to the table as President.  That is what everyone needs to hear!

We don’t want to see any playground fights next week. Real leaders rise above pettiness and rely on their own strengths and skills to carry them through, not the failures of other people. Eyes on the prize, Save Jerseyans, here through Election Day!


49 thoughts on “No More Distractions: Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

  1. Over the weekend, I visited some old friends in Philadelphia (Democrats, surprise surprise) and they told me I was forgetting where I came from. I think you have some independents that are going to be like this, because they were getting too caught up with…tax returns, 47% video. They follow the media and eat it up, and I spent over an hour explaining to them that raising taxes on small business owners makes it harder to have jobs. They started getting it and then they brought up the devaluation of currency and inflation, and how nothing can get better so vote for the one that gives you things.These are people that spend up to a grand on an AC trip to the Borgata every weekend in the summer, mind you. But I found myself convincing them that spending means more printing! I mean, there's no logic. They just see a very tanned Mitt Romney and a 47% video. I agree Matt that he needs to communicate more effectively his solutions.. The GOP can only be preserved if you can create a perspective that isn't arrogant, but confident. The topics that would resonate? Obama Debt vs. Economics.

  2. Blake, I agree with you. Maybe if the Republicans can make people see that more "giving things to people" equates to spending more money, which leads to additional debt that we as a nation cannot pay and then possibly ANOTHER credit downgrade? What will that do to the economy? It would ultimately result in lost jobs and your friends who like to indulge could possibly be victims of a recessed economy. So isn't it just better to get things for yourself without depending on others?

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