Author: Kristen Luciani

Kristen Luciani resides in Monroe Township with her husband and three children, aged 7, 3 and 18 months respectively. She works full-time as an Information Technology professional, and writes for her own blog, titled “Me and My Three” (, that focuses on finding humor amidst the challenges of motherhood.

The Crusader For Parental Advisories

OPINION: Parent Advisories and Age Restrictions on Violent Video Games Don’t Violate the First Amendment By Kristen Luciani | The Save Jersey Blog I can still remember seeing the chilling photos of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on the news after they opened fire Read More

Meet the LD18 Ticket

Save Jersey Catches Up with LD18 GOP Slate at Middlesex County Convention By Kristen Luciani | The Save Jersey Blog This past weekend’s Middlesex GOP Convention was well-attended, Save Jerseyans, and Save Jersey had a chance to catch up with this year’s LD18 Read More