NJGOP Runs at Corzine Dems

NJGOP Runs at Corzine Dems

Attention Corzine Democrats: Come November, You’re FIRED!

By Kristen Luciani | The Save Jersey Blog

Larry WallaceOn Wednesday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, I made my maiden voyage to the heart of the political district in Trenton to support efforts of New Jersey Assembly hopefuls vying for a chance to take back control of the State Legislature this November.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick rallied around a number of candidates in front of the World War II Memorial on this very-chilly-if-you-are-not-wearing-an-appropriate-jacket afternoon, highlighting his commitment to ending the tenure of Corzine Democrats in Trenton and thus eliminating the philosophies that have been plaguing the livelihoods of residents over the past ten years.

Candidates representing the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 18th, 22nd and 27th legislative districts had an opportunity to deliver their own messages to prospective voters, each focusing on the personal principles, experiences and qualifications that they believe will enable them to further the efforts initiated by the Christie administration over the past several years.

We have a very real and immediate need for transformational change in our state legislative dealings, Save Jerseyans, and we, the people, are empowered to effect positive changes with our votes. Let’s choose to embrace the unique perspectives of this diverse slate of candidates and send them to Trenton where they can represent the best interests of our Garden State.

Assembly GOP 1Candidates Represented:

Sam Fiocchi (LD-1)
Kristine Gabor (LD-1)

Larry Wallace (LD-3)
Bob Vanderslice (LD-3)

Jeff Banasz, Jr. (LD-7)
Anthony Ogozalek, Jr. (LD-7)

Assembly GOP 2Rob Bengivenga (LD-18)
Lisa Goldhamer (LD-18)

John Campbell (LD-22)

Angelo Tedesco (LD-27)
Laura Ali (LD-27)

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