New TV Ad: Joe Kyrillos Bears His Softer Side (VIDEO)

New TV Ad: Joe Kyrillos Bears His Softer Side (VIDEO)

U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Kyrillos (R-NJ) is following Mitt Romney’s lead by trying to show voters his human side ahead of this fall’s election.

The NJ Republican’s campaign just released his second “Meet Joe” themed television advertisement today aimed at introducing undecided voters to the little-known Republican hopeful. Kyrillos’s Democrat opponent Bob Menendez isn’t much better known but nevertheless enjoys the benefits of incumbency including a large war chest. That means Kyrillos must quickly define himself before Menendez is afforded the opportunity.

This latest ad is a “soft” Labor Day spot featuring familiar Jersey Shore scenes and playing up Kyrillos’s roles as a father, husband, and advocate for abused women.



The ad script:

Susan Kyrillos: “I’m Susan Kyrillos. My husband Joe is running for United States Senate. Joe is a different kind of Republican.  He fought to preserve our beaches and environment.  Joe’s a father.  He sees a world of possibility in our children, Max and Georgia.  Joe cares.  He’s been a leading advocate for organizations that provide safe haven for women who’ve fallen victim to violence.  He’ll always put us first.”

Senator Kyrillos: “I’m Joe Kyrillos and I approved this message.”

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