Rob Andrews and Ron Paul Ranked Among Congress’s ‘Most Corrupt’

Today a public interest group based in Washington, DC known as CREW (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington) released a list of the ‘most corrupt’ members of Congress. Two interesting names that topped the list were Texas Congressman Ron Paul and our very own Congressman Rob Andrews.

Andrews has had a pretty bad year as is. He has been the subject of a House ethics investigation for the misuse of campaign funds, an allegation he continuously denies. The latest news on that is that Andrews is now throwing his wife, a Dean at Rutgers Law in Camden, under the bus by saying allowing her to sign off on spending tens of thousands in campaign money for personal expenses.

Andrew’s office put out an official statement on the CREW report. The statement attacks CREW as an organization rather than attacking the reasons why Andrews was selected with any specificity. A deflection at best.

CREW certainly qualifies for the list of America’s most blatant hypocrites. CREW is a Washington, DC interest group that takes money from secret donors to finance false and malicious attacks on people, and then refuses to disclose where its money comes from. It is telling that CREW refuses to hold itself to the same standards of public disclosure as the people it attacks.

As usual, its allegations are completely false. The House Ethics Committee specifically approved the public service scholarship program at Rutgers before it was pursued in Congress. All of our campaign expenditures are fully proper – and unlike CREW’s donors – fully disclosed.

Congressman Andrews is working hard every day to serve the people of South Jersey – whether it is helping to create jobs in our defense industries, securing funds for local fire departments and veterans’ programs, or helping the hundreds of thousands of constituents who have contacted his office.  He is very appreciative of the support and friendship of his neighbors and constituents.

On the other side of the aisle, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, obviously most famous for his presidential aspirations that ended this past spring, is coming under fire for double billing his expenses to both the government and certain PACs or his campaign account. Most of these expenses were allegedly related to travel.

According to one report, once Paul realized that his double expense reimbursement was discovered in 2006, he ceased the activity but never paid back any of the money.

Paul has also been accused of paying family members for working on his campaign. Salaries for six family members amounted to over $300,000. The Paul campaigns response was that this was merely 1 percent of campaign expenditures.

It appears that the libertarian champion of fiscal and personal responsibility may have some explaining to do.

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