MSM Reports Voter Fraud Story; Does That Mean It’s Real?

MSM Reports Voter Fraud Story; Does That Mean It’s Real?

The Mainstream Media (led by The Associated Press) attack voter id law initiatives by claiming that voter fraud is imaginary (even though President Obama’s website has asked supporters to report it?). Other arguments are even dumber; a recent editorial posited that it’s unlikely to occur because of the lengthy prison terms associated with being caught.

Interesting logic!

You aren’t fooled, Save Jerseyans. You know fraud is real. You’ve seen it. We’ve written about it, but if you need statics and case studies to satisfy your curiosity, I highly recommend reading anything by the prolific John Fund.

We even saw two examples this week.

Did you know that there was a conviction in a 2007 New Jersey voter fraud case, yesterday afternoon, right here… in New Jersey? I’m sure you didn’t; only and The Sacramento Bee bothered to report on it.

The MSM is bothering to report on an alleged case in Florida involving Republicans; this uneven, openly-partisan scrutiny verifies their liberal bias, but it also validates James O’Keefe’s thesis that it’s easy to perpetrate regardless of who is trying to do it.

To the extent voter fraud is underreported/prosecuted, consider how voter fraud victims are typically (1) low income citizens in urban areas, (2) relatively new citizens and (3) senior citizens. Voter fraud is also voter “exploitation.” The rest of us aren’t without tools to fix this problem (or at least significantly limit it). The first logical protection for our nation’s most vulnerable voters — besides rescuing the failed public education system with school choice — are common sense voter id laws; unfortunately for those who could benefit most from voter id laws, proponents like yours truly are labeled as racists by  politicians who benefit from leaving the problem unaddressed.

It’s frustrating, Save Jerseyans.

Still, we cannot give up. There’s no more important task for a republic than to safeguard the democratic process by ensuring the integrity of its elections. We’ll know any day now whether Pennsylvania’s law survives. I’ve been pushing for a bill here in New Jersey. Don’t let me go it alone!


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  1. Figures the media will never cover voter fraud except the 1 millionth time it might involve republicans. Of course.

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