O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Eric Holder’s Ballot Offered to Complete Stranger!

Last week I argued that it’s ridiculous to pass laws combating consumer identity theft but NOT voter identity theft, Save Jerseyans. This position is obviously not unique to me. It’s part of an ongoing national debate regarding voter identification laws ahead of the 2012 general election.

And the most common retort received by your Blogger-in-Chief via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc., from our liberal readers?

Voter fraud is a fake problem invented by conservatives to disenfranchise voters.”

The “it’s a fake proble” thesis is also the official position of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Sure, he’s not interested in investigating the attempts of Black Panthers to block polling stations; I also doubt his folks ID’ed a single “Fast and Furious” gun runner before they obtained the weapons. But ask someone to produce his or her identification to vote? When they already have to do it to board a plane, purchase alcohol or enter a government building? How dare we even broach the topic!

So to prove just how easy it is to vote for someone else in modern America, famed Rutgers alum and conservative investigative journalist James O’Keefe sent a member of his elite “Project Veritas” team to Eric Holder’s voting precinct on primary day 2012.

The goal? To wake America up!

How? By showing that a 20-something kid can show up at a polling place and, without an id or virtually any scrutiny from the poll worker, obtain the ballot of America’s middle-aged attorney general…


Are you worried yet, Save Jerseyans?

You should be. Voter fraud is nothing new in the Garden State, and it may be coming to a voter precinct near you soon if we don’t compel our elected officials to act accordingly!


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  1. Make voting an electronic system. Insert Driver's License or ss card ONLY, record NUMBER of voters and votes electronically.

    Make sure ALL voting units are returned to main site thru Federal Dept Regulations and accountability, because we have all heard of the voting booths which are never accounted for, as well.

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