Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Yesterday morning, I noticed that The Asbury Park Press website ( is taking a poll to see what readers think should be featured on a new reality TV show filmed in New Jersey.  The options included local musicians (not bad, I guess), health care providers (seriously?), and local agriculture (are they KIDDING?).  Who thinks of this stuff?  Right off the bat, these ideas are not nearly sleazy enough to generate mass support for a new show.

But after thinking about these lackluster alternatives, I came up with a very different idea, something that I think could make for very interesting television.  How about a reality show about local politics???

Although it may not be an appropriate idea for prime time, it could generate a lot of state-wide intrigue, don’t you think?  We know that the media already has a liberal bias, and that comes through in most newspapers and news programs already, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.  So why not level the playing field for both parties and have cameras rolling during the tough debates to see just how matters are addressed and resolved?  It is all public record, so they really should not mind the minor annoyances of having people filming them incessantly….unless they have something to hide from the people that gave them their jobs, like a bad haircut.

Or maybe worse…

Let the people REALLY see what goes on behind closed doors and finally provide some much-needed transparency to the populace.  I don’t necessarily think that all politicians would relish being captured on-screen, particularly if what they are working on may negatively impact the public’s view of them and their capabilities, but think of it this way – voters would finally have real-life examples to cite about why they supported one candidate over another.

The reality is, most people vote the party line and do not know much about the specific candidates they elect to office.  Here is a perfect opportunity!   Get to know your public officials and make your own decisions about whether or not they deserve their jobs based on how you think they perform and deal with their constituents.  Come to think of it, this idea will probably require a bi-partisan video editing crew to ensure that the content is free from bias, but I think it would really increase public engagement and interest in our local government.

That said, I can certainly appreciate the fact that this new reality show idea might not generate national interest, Save Jerseyans, but since I am not a network executive, I am not on the hook for coming up with a reality show idea for the masses.  I am just sharing my own humble opinion with you.

So, what do you think?  Am I on to something??


65 thoughts on “Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

  1. Council meeting Q&A sessions would wake people up. If you don't do something about your town, dumb people will lead it, and ever dumber people will show up and waste everyone's time asking about OPRA requests and leaf collection!

  2. Q&A would be great but you need to get residents to attend the meeting. A lot of times, people just don't have interest unless there are very controversial issues looming. And even then it is hard to get people out. Does your town have good attendance at council meetings?

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