The ONLY Domestic Policy Point That Mitt Needs to Make Tonight

A South Jerseyan standing with a Mitt cut-out (h/t Susanne LaFrankie)

Every talking head in America wants to force their “sage” advice on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama heading into tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate at Hofstra University.

My two cents? When President Obama tries to drop the “47%” line, you need to keep it simple, Mitt. Painfully so. This guy’s record makes it easy.
As The Heritage Foundation‘s Rob Bluey pointed out earlier today, a large portion of tonight’s undecided town hall participants “reside in New York’s 4th congressional district. Taxpayers in that district will be subject to an eye-popping $4,492 tax increase on Jan. 1, 2013, as a result of Taxmageddon.”
New York is one of the only states hit as hard as New Jersey by the President’s tax hikes; Garden State families can expect an average $4,216 increase in 2013 per tax return filed.
So who is really working for the Middle Class, Mr. President? And who has made their lives a living financial hell, one that is slated to get a lot hotter beginning January 1, 2013 due to his policies? All in the middle of the worst period of sustained unemployment in 80 years?
It’s a winning argument, Save Jerseyans… tonight and on November 6th.

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