Christie Rallies Ohio Crowd of 12,000 for Romney (VIDEO)

Governor Chris Christie is in the middle of a high energy 2-day swing through battleground Ohio with Mitt Romney, Save Jerseyans; on Tuesday, he fired up a massive crowd of 12,000 Romney supporters in Cuyahoga Falls. Two more appearances are planned for today in Central Ohio.

Here’s the tail end of the Christie intro along with Governor Romney’s speech:


99 thoughts on “Christie Rallies Ohio Crowd of 12,000 for Romney (VIDEO)

  1. Whatever a person's feelings about Gov. Christie, I am always surprised at how people choose to attack his physical appearance. I just do not believe it shows good taste.

  2. @Blaine – the personal or physical comments made by others only serve to undermine the potentially legitimate point that the commenter was attempting to make

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