Christie: No “Armed Camp”


By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie hosted his first town hall meeting since Sandy on Friday, Save Jerseyans, and he spent most of his time discussing the aftermath with a 500+ person Belmar crowd.

Inevitably, however, the topic of Newtown was on attendee’s mind. One school-aged boy took to the microphone and asked the Governor what he felt needed to be done concerning school safety. Christie responded by delivering an articulate albeit non-specific response, endorsing a comprehensive everything-on-the-table national conversation in lieu of a myopic focus on any one issue:


The Big Guy’s inner-prosecutor appeared particularly hostile to the notion of introducing armed guards to New Jersey school. “You can’t make this [school] an armed camp for kids,” the Governor told his young questionner…

Having one or a few armed specialists at every school campus does not an “armed camp” make, folks, though Christie is absolutely correct to remind everyone that gun control is hardly an elixir for that which ails our youth.

Crazy people will find a way to introduce craziness into our lives. For that very reason, I don’t see the harm in adding an armed guard and equipping a few faculty members at each facility. Do we really want our kids and teachers to be sitting ducks? This isn’t a radical or new concept. In fact, many of our inner city school and high schools already have police present on permanent assignment. The cost would be minimal given the $2.05 billion increase to education funding in our most recent state budget. Don’t tell me it’s all going to text books and chalk!

And let’s not kid ourselves: America’s children are exposed to plenty of damaging stimuli every day on television and in the schoolyard. It’s a sad commentary on our society that this step is necessary, but given the extraordinary stakes, I really don’t see them downside. Do you?


Matt Rooney
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  1. Y, because of the cost? Or because of its appearance? This is not only a good idea to protect our at a Bank or at Home Depot, but also a job creation measure!

  2. He doesn't want any law abiding citizen to be able to protect themselves or their children either!

  3. We shouldn't arm every teacher, but having someone armed in every school building isn't a terrible measure. We also need to watch who is buzzed into school's better

  4. We already have armed police officers in some NJ schools… I dont see the problem with officers but i dont want teachers armed. My high school had a rifle team it was great. We didnt have any problems in my school.

  5. @Matt, think about it, jersey city has officers in high schools, Newark has offices outside posted in high schools, I do not know about the other smaller city school systems, but if money is made available, is it really a bad idea? You go in to Home Depot on Springfield Ave Newark, they have two armed private guards doing security. Many are retired cops that I personally know. I am sure many would work it part time including many Vets that are looking for work.

    We allocate millions of tax dollars so schools can put in New wood flooring in gym room's, I think an investment in to armed security is a wise move that even fiscal conservatives like me would not oppose.

  6. Nail in Christie's coffin as far as re-election by republican's… If Christie's not on board with THAT… Republican's won't be on board with him that's for sure!!!!!!

  7. Clearly he's still looking for the lib vote… he must know there are more of them, then us in NJ. NJ is a fail state.

  8. I think that nuts would be less likely to target schools if they knew that they all had armed secuirty guards. Of course one outside of each classroom is ridiculous, and I haven't heard anyone suggest that as a possibility except Christie, but at least one security guard on duty would be better than depending onrpolice to arrive.

  9. @Albert How about this idea… young soldiers can't find work in the Obama economy, right? Let's hire them as school security guards. I bet many of these brave men and women would love the opportunity to continue serving their country.

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