Democrat’s Traffic Stop Video Belies Original Representation (VIDEO)

Democrat’s Traffic Stop Video Belies Original Representation (VIDEO)

Months after Asm. Nelson Albano (D-LD1) landed himself in hot water with the media for “giving any appearence that special treatment was expected” (his words), we finally have a copy of the State Police’s traffic stop video (h/t Star Ledger).

And contrary to the Assemblyman’s original representation, Save Jerseyans, it looks/sounds like the Trooper behaved in a perfectly professional manner… the results of an internal investigation support that conclusion.

Judge for yourselves:

5 thoughts on “Democrat’s Traffic Stop Video Belies Original Representation (VIDEO)

  1. Should we give a Trooper a parade for doing what is expected of him?

    Thank God we now record NJSP interactions with the public. Like any long-term New Jersey resident, I can remember the numerous abuses that occurred at the hands of the NJSP when the Troopers weren't being recorded. I can remember why the Federal government felt the need to monitor the NJSP.

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