Because of ObamaCare!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

ObamaCareAn article popped up today on earlier this week and the title caught my attention:

Health Care Travesty: Insurers Raising Rates by Double Digits Despite Obamacare

“Despite” ObamaCare?

Or because of ObamaCare?

None of this is a suprise, folks! We’ve been talking about this eventuality for years, and we’re obviously not alone. ObamaCare is a disaster. A toxic combination of taxes, mandates, regulation and just plain sloppy legislative writting is going to drive insurance rates through the roof. Corporate greed doesn’t have anything to do with it. Public sector greed — and governmental incompetence — are the true culprits.

And so what if profits went up 23% in the third quarter of 2012? The Newsroom article’s author is sure concerned about it. But in the first quarter of 2011, General Government Electric (GE) saw a 77% jump in profits. Where are the snarky articles demanding that the notoriously Obama Administration-intertwined GE pay its fair share of taxes?

Meanwhile, you still have other chattering heads blaming businesses for cutting back under the weight of ObamaCare. It’s like blaming a victim for the crime!

Good grief… am I the only one paying attention? I know I’m not, folks, but sometimes it feels that way. I’m sure you empathise…