DGA’s Christie Paradox

Christie and Obama at the Jersey Shore in October 2012

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

They need to say something, Save Jerseyans. They’re paying staffers to man Twitter!

So the Democrat Governors Association (DGA) tweeted the following during Governor Christie’s state of the state address, right at the part when he was thanking Superstorm Sandy heroes in attendance:

Dem Governors Tweet

Yes, New Jersey’s unemployment rate is waaay too high. That’s inarguable. I can make a compelling case that the decade-old Trenton Democrats bear the lion’s share of responsibility for it, and I’m sure Governor Christie will renew that theme when the general election gets a little closer…

But since when do facts matter? Facts didn’t matter when Barack Obama won reelection on the basis of an infinitely weaker economic record than New Jersey’s incumbent governor.

What matters is perception. A majority of American voters felt Barack Obama was a nice guy who hadn’t done a great job but honestly gave it his all. It didn’t matter that they felt, according to the exit polling, that Mitt Romney would’ve done a better job. 

Governor Christie is going to be reelected on similar grounds, Save Jerseyans. Christie inherited a mess; Sandy didn’t make it any easier. They like Christie, and as Steve Sweeney illustrated yesterday, none of his likely opponents are more likable.

It’s a paradox which Democrats aren’t likely to appreciate and unravel in enough time to rescue their 2013 prospects. Fine by me!


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