Join Us: Saturday Tea Party Panel

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Matt Rooney participating in a July 4th Obamacare Repeal Panel.

Have you shook off those stubborn November blues yet, Save Jerseyans?

Neither have I.

A little unsolicited advice? I’ve always found the best way forward is furious activity. Don’t spend your weekend watching Fox News, wrapped in a snuggie and yelling at the television. Busying yourself righting the ship is, in my humble opinion, the best therapy.

In that spirit, I hope you’ll consider joining me this weekend, Saturday January 5th at 1:15 p.m. in Philadelphia for a panel discussion (including yours truly)  “On America’s Future: Short and Long Term Predictions” hosted by our good friends with the Independence Hall Tea Party.

A number of other related events are also taking place beginning at Noon, including a reenactment of the December 27, 1773 Philadelphia Tea Party with celebrity guest re-enactors. Click here to register for the event and download PATCO/driving directions.

I’ll see you there! Trust me… it’s good for you.