Obama’s Preschool Politics

The Newest Focal Point of Obama, Take 2: Preschool Programs?

By Kristen Luciani | The Save Jersey Blog

School LunchesCan someone please tell me WHEN President Obama is going to realize that in our current economic state, spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars on federally-subsidized preschool programs is not really a financially prudent direction to take?

Especially when the states already have their own plans currently in place?

I applaud his emphasis on the need for early education – all of my kids have (and in one case, will, in the near future) participate in preschool programs. Preschool does wonders for kids’ language skills, helps them to acclimate to being around other kids, and teaches them how to socialize with their peers and elders. I have seen my own thrive in such programs, and I definitely support and happily pay taxes for the implementation of such township programs.

However, as usual, Obama just doesn’t seem to think the states are doing enough.

According to Education Department officials, pre-kindergarten programs will be a priority during Obama’s second term. Hmmm…I don’t recall hearing about this newest focal point before it came out in The Associated Press, TODAY. But, since it carries a hefty price tag, I’m not really surprised it has made its way to the top of his list.

If Obama is nothing else, at the very least, he is consistent.

His proposal is to MATCH state funding for preschool programs for 3- and 4- year-olds, basically covering full-day care. Of course, low-income students would get the initial benefits, as studies evidently show that they benefit most from early learning programs. Another hmmm….so economic status is the sole contributor to attain benefit from early education programs?? Does that make sense??

We know that Big Bro “O” only really cares about the underprivileged; if the studies showed that kids coming from any economic status would benefit from such early learning programs, do you think he would be looking to get all involved with STATE business??? Probably NOT, Save Jerseyans. He’d simply find something else to spend people’s money on.

So his grand plan is as follows: are you ready for these numbers, my fiscally conservative peeps?

Over a 10-year period, it would cost $98.4 billion for preschool, $84.2 billion for child care subsidies, and $11.5 billion for Early Head Start – a total of almost $200 billion. Once the program was up and running, it would cost nearly $25 billion a year – $12.3 billion for preschool, $10.5 billion for child care subsidies and $1.4 billion for Early Head Start.” (Associated Press)

According to Neera Tanden, the president and CEO of think tank with close ties to the White House, kids who do not receive early education are “25% more likely to drop out of school, 40% more likely to become a teenage parent, and 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime.”

These are pretty high statistics, and they are also very questionable, if you ask me. The figures are CLEARLY dependent on so many other factors, none of which are included in the article OR the assessment. How convenient that more context around this data can just be swept under the rug to make the case for the White House proposal.

Oh, how I long for the days of small, LESS EXPENSIVE federal government…

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