Obama Critic for Supreme Pontiff?

New York’s Cardinal Dolan is Fearless When Challenging Elected Leaders. Will it Help or Hinder His Chances in the Conclave?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

VaticanAs the College of Cardinals prepares for the Conclave commencing next Tuesday, March 12th, there’s a surprising level of chatter in Rome about something which most Vatican watchers once considered nearly impossible: an American Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

The two most frequently cited potential papal candidates are Boston’s Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley  and a man who is very familiar to North Jerseyans, New York’s Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan. Both men are considered to theological conservatives while simultaneously perceived as champions of reform and improving the Roman Catholic Church transparency and communication.

And for those European cardinals who may be concerned over the prospect of seeing the Vatican in the hands of priest from the world’s sole superpower, it’s worth considering how Dolan forcefully yet cheerfully challenged Gov. Cuomo’s efforts to liberalize New York’s abortion laws and, of course, President Obama’s assault on religious freedom…


Dolan isn’t giving himself much of a chance, recently telling a NYI correspondent that “I got a better chance of taking A-Rod’s place than I do of Benedict XVI.” Maybe so! But that attitude (and delivery) are part of the reason why he’d make an excellent successor to St. Peter. His ability to courageously articulate core Christian messages is the other.

So if they don’t make him pope, Save Jerseyans, then it might be worth trying to recruit him for the GOP? If God wills it.

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  1. @Ryan It's one of those things that you're supposed to say. He might genuinely feel that way, but who knows. Hopefully we will by the end of next week!

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