Bayshore TP Founder Explains Primary

Tea Party Group’s Founder Opines on the Need for Monmouth Co., LD13 GOP Primary Challenges

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Monmouth CountyThe Monmouth County/LD13 GOP primary fights are likely to be among this June’s more interesting storylines, Save Jerseyans, depending on whether the off-the-line candidates can successfully capitalize on a low turnout election.

We’ll see. It’s a process of elimination. Frankly, there aren’t too many interesting primaries on the Republican side this time around, and the Monmouth GOP organization has a mixed history of success defending its nominees.

What brought on the LD13 challenge? Although her group has insisted the primary is organic, Bayshore Tea Party Founder Barbara Gonzalez weighed in yesterday via her group’s hosted blog on the underlying rationale. Their grievances are twofold; Gonzalez articulated her objections to both the county GOP’s convention process as well as her belief that the incumbent GOP candidates “who some say so ably serve us, are dead silent” on conservative issues including recent affronts to the Second Amendment. 

It’s a lengthy but interesting read. Click here if you’re interested; for a counterpoint, visit MMM.

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