Bromance on the Boardwalk

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Unsurprisingly, Save Jerseyans, this afternoon’s New Jersey visit from President Barack Obama was all optics and little substance sandwiched in between rhetorical flourishes. He didn’t bother to elaborate upon the many “challenges” still confronting Jersey Shore residents (many of which the feds have made worse or completely failed to adequately address).

The President did, however, follow his political team’s advice and lay some big fat verbals smooches on his host, Governor Chris Christie:


Cute, right? Or gross, depending of course on your perspective. The day’s agenda (a walk on the beach, carnival games, etc) resembled many of my past dates, except for that fact that my dates usually don’t end in a speech.

Ironically, today’s bromantic displays from our Commander-in-Chief were also eerily reminiscent of his 2009 Garden State visit with a very different gubernatorial candidate; long-time Save Jerseyans will remember this catchy little diddy from our blog video archives:


Just please don’t blame the Governor for any of this, folks. The President keeps coming on to him!

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