Christie, Paul Go to War

Top GOP 2016 Contenders Exchange Ideological Barbs

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Updated 10:36 a.m.

Oh boy. In one of his more ideologically-revealing statements to date, Save Jerseyans, Governor Chris Christie returned to the Aspen Institute last night for a RGA panel and expressed his harsh assessment of libertarianism… and its most popular adherent.

“This strain of libertarianism that’s going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought… [y]ou can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them.”

h/t Politico:

I understand what the Governor means in the foreign policy context; I don’t understand the point of defending NSA domestic spying or criticizing libertarianism generally. Although to be fair, the equally-ambitious younger Paul did throw the first punch. Back in January, Sen. Paul accused Christie of putting politics ahead of principles in his New Jersey bid for reelection

I think he may be solidifying his support with Democrats in New Jersey and maybe liberal Republicans. If he wishes to do something nationally, I think criticizing the Second Amendment movement and the over-the-top, ‘give me my money’ stuff, ‘I want all sixty billion now or I’ll throw a tantrum’–I don’t think that’s going to play well in the Republican primary.”

Responding the Christie’s Thursday evening remarks, Paul told The Washington Times that “[i]f Governor Christie believes the constitutional rights and the privacy of all Americans is ‘esoteric,’ he either needs a new dictionary, or he needs to talk to more Americans, because a great number of them are concerned about the dramatic overreach of our government in recent years.”

Welcome to 2016, Save Jerseyans. Buckle up.

A full video of Thursday night’s panel is below the fold…


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37 thoughts on “Christie, Paul Go to War

  1. Chris got it right. Idealogical debates are all well and good but when the job needs to be done you need boots on the ground to do the work that need to be done. We don´t need someone willing to turn their backs on the electorate that got them there in the first place and let natural selection figure it out. Also Christie did not say Rand was dangerous as the headline suggests, which I know is there so that someone like myself would have to read and hear what is in the link.

  2. Overall I support the Governor but he is wrong on this issue. He needs to stop campaigning for President and start worrying about our Budget problems.

  3. .

    “This strain of libertarianism that’s going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought,” the New Jersey GOP governor said on Thursday at a Republican governors forum in Aspen, Colo. “You can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them.”
    – Gov. Chris Christie

    So, President Obama shreds our Constitutional rights on a DAILY basis, and he bashes RAND PAUL?!!!

    What a schifoso…

  4. That "strain of libertarianism" is the only thing keeping the GOP relevant with younger voters. Christie needs to embrace it if he is going to continue to have national aspirations. An a little more liberty might be nice here in NJ as well.

  5. There is a place between datamining millions of INNOCENT people and selecting a few that will maintain our safety. After all, the AUTHORITIES were notified regarding the 911 terrorists and their lack of wanting to learn how to land planes. They were also notified by Russia about the Boston marathon bombers. The AUTHORITIES can´t stop things when the map is drawn out for them. But, they expect us to believe that storing all this data is effective in stopping terrorism?

  6. I suppose the next time during the Republican primary that we hear the establishment call " don´t speak ill of an other Republican " that Libertarian Republicans don´t count ? What a load of Bollox .

  7. Playing political, legal and cultural tango with the Islamic community and non assimilated foreigners while eroding constitutional rights for NJ Citizens is a recipe for disaster and not politically smart

  8. The GOP is splitting and dying before our eyes. Half is the old guard neo con, big government, 9/11 flag waver, social conservatives…the younger half are libertarian. The libertarians are winning. The old guard is scared to death and they should be. The cool kids realize they are just as bad as the dems

  9. Policing the world is not only immoral, it´s not pragmatic. Twelve years later we are "negotiating" with the Taliban. Let that sink in for a minute. Iraq is falling apart, and we are giving arms to al Qaeda in Syria. Christie is a big governmen loving establishment puppet. It´s time for a foreign policy shift. 800 billion a year isn´t making us safer, it´s doing the opposite.

  10. Mahhhh freedoms!! As they vacuum up every Americans phone records and emails and tax us to death. 100 billion a year to DHS. I´d personally just stop occupying countries we know nothing about and have nothing in common with. Kicking hornets nests is stupid not strong. And we the people get stung.

  11. Good way to determine foreign policy. …random pop quiz asking 100 people on the street if they can id a country on a map. If less than half can then we close our base there amd bring home the troops

  12. If you tries to count to 100 billion from the number one, two, three, etc. and you were able to say a number every second, you would finish the job in 5,000 years.

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