Ledger Endorses Booker

Ledger Endorses Booker

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Lenin reading newspaperThe Newark Star-Ledger has endorsed Cory Booker in the N.J. Democrat special U.S. Senate primary.

After dismissing Frank Pallone and Rush Holt for taking unrealistic stances on issues including entitlement reform and Sheila Oliver for “not nearly as well-versed on federal issues” (here’s the proof), the Ledger‘s editorial board settled on Newark’s part-time mayor:

“… He’s done a great job as mayor, with measurable progress on economic development, reducing violent crime, building affordable housing and parks. He deserves credit for removing the vestiges of Newark’s corrupt former mayor, Sharpe James, and making huge progress on ethics reform in this city. More importantly, Booker has stuck out his neck to support pension and health reform, and the education reform Newark needs. He’s a Democrat who has stood up to unions, his own constituency, to do the right thing.”

Let’s get something straight, Save Jerseyans, because it’s a very commonly-committed mistake when evaluating statewide/federal candidates hailing from troubled urban centers:

Staying out of jail isn’t “measurable progress.”

This is what we mean when we talk about the “tyranny of low expectations.” Yes, compared to Sharpe James, Cory Booker looks like Abraham Lincoln. That doesn’t make his record as mayor any less abysmal, and it certainly isn’t a valid rationale to give him a promotion to federal office.

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