Christie Vetos Sociological Strip Search Bill

Christie Vetos Sociological Strip Search Bill

By Art Gallagher |

Big Brother PosterGovernor Chris Christie yesterday vetoed S454/A2421, the bill we’ve been fighting for years that would have allowed public schools to ask students intrusive personal questions about themselves and their family members without written parental consent.

In his veto message, Christie said:

This bill allows students of any age to participate in voluntary surveys, including those inquiring about sexual behavior and attitudes, if schools send prior written notice to their parents or guardians. The bill provides that the failure of a parent or guardian to respond to such notice shall be treated as affirmative approval of their child’s participation.


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  1. What will the poor inept public school system do now? Go back to indoctrinating and teaching to tests rather than getting the system back to the top I´d venture to guess.

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