@CoryBooker Breaking Up with the Media?

By Phil Kerpen | BookerFail.com

Newark ResidentCory Booker’s real record of tragic failure has been covered up by an adoring media.  As Donna Jackson of the Newark Non-Violence Coalition passionately told a reporter for 1010 WINS:

Everybody’s so worried about “Booker” that we are forgotten. The people of Newark. We are hurting here. This crime is killing us. The blood runs on our streets. It is so atrocious what’s going on in this city of Newark… Because unfortunately, what has been asked of you is for you guys to cover up what’s going on in this city and you have done it well — to let this man be a national figure while the people of Newark die off slowly… The level of danger in this city is at an all-time high.

Jackson went on to say Booker personally intervenes to stop honest reporting on his many failures as mayor: “He calls your producers, ‘Oh don’t cover the story.’” Of course, Jackson was absolutely correct that the media cover-up would continue. Despite the interview making Drudge and going viral, 1010 WINS never even posted it.

But if the media is still in love with Mayor Booker, the feeling is apparently no longer mutual.  As the New York Post reports today:

Booker picked up his shovel for the ceremonial first dirt-dig, then cracked to his cronies: “If you hit a reporter, I’ll give you five bucks. I’ve never been so tempted to throw dirt at the media.”

If Mayor Booker is about to start flinging dirt at the media, we can only hope more of them will finally report on his tragically failed record in Newark.

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