Elections Have Consequences, New Jersey Edition

By Phil Kerpen | AmericanCommittment.org                             

Lonegan PresserNothing clarifies the mind of politicians like a fear of defeat at the ballot box. And nothing stokes such a fear more than watching an upset happen in a supposedly blue state. So with all the bitter arguments inside the conservative movement and Republican Party over health care and budget strategy, I offer a simple plea for unity of purpose around a common cause: elect Steve Lonegan to the United States Senate in New Jersey on Wednesday, October 16.

Send a conservative who has promised to repeal Obamacare, cut spending, cut taxes, and limit regulation to the Senate from New Jersey and watch every 2014 Senate Democrat run scared toward any potential compromises that could save their Senate careers. There is no bigger game changer. And there is no better leader for these fights than Steve Lonegan.

At 14, Lonegan was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that would leave him completely blind by age 30. At 16 his father died in an accident at work, his mother lost her home and she, Steve, and his younger brother moved in with their grandparents in a two-family house in Ridgefield Park. In a recent interview Steve said: “When you’re a kid and you have a great family, you don’t have to have money to think you’re rich. We thought we were millionaires. Little did we know we had no money.”


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