Lonegan Rejects “Activist” Gay Marriage Ruling

By Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog

Lonegan PresserFollowing Friday’s controversial ruling from a Mercer County Superior Court judge permitting  the performance of gay marriages in New Jersey, U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Lonegan is taking issue with how it’s going down:

“The issue here is not gay marriage. The issue is an activist judge who is legislating from the bench, using her judicial power to advance her own agenda.

 Whether one supports gay marriage or not, this decision must be made by the state legislature and the people of New Jersey, not an activist judge.

As a U.S. Senator, I will only confirm judges that will uphold the Constitution, not twist it like a mere piece of wax to advance their own agenda.”

Chris Christie’s administration plans to appeal the ruling; the Governor has repeatedly expressed his preference for a ballot initiative after vetoing a gay marriage law passed by the state legislature.

7 thoughts on “Lonegan Rejects “Activist” Gay Marriage Ruling

  1. His stance on Gay Marriage is one of the reasons I will have a hard time voting for him. Definitely not Booker but this type of crap makes me more confident of writing someone in. Steve is wrong and so is the Judge and everyone else. The fact to to consenting adults can not get married at all is the problem in the whole US. If anyone believes in Freedom and Liberty, it shouldn't matter what your sexual orientation is. If your against gay marriage or have problems with it on a legal level then you are against freedom and liberty.

  2. agreed thomas. the correct stance for mr lonegan is "marriage should not be either sanctioned nor forbidden by government. the government needs to get out of the marriage business and let private consenting adults do what they like provided they do nothing to harm anyone else"

  3. .

    @Thomas: if you truly believe in Liberty and Freedom, you SHOULD vote for Steve on Oct. 16th, because his point is that issues like this should be decided by the people's representatives, not a single, unelected, activist judge…

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