NJ Reps Vote Whether to Defund Along Party Lines

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

capitol building

Your GOP House voted to defund ObamaCare today, Save Jerseyans.

The overall vote was 230-189 along strict party lines. Click here to view the full roll call.

The only Republican to vote “NAY” was Scott Rigell of Virginia. Each of New Jersey’s six GOP representatives (Frelinghuysen, Smith, LoBiondo, Garrett, Runyan and Lance) voted to defund the legislation.

Democrats Mike McIntyre (North Carolina) and Jim Matheson (Utah) bucked the their party and voted YEA. New Jersey’s six Democrats (Pallone, Sires, Pascrell, Payne, Holt and Andrews) all voted against the measure.

Harry Reid repeatedly insists that the defunding of ObamaCare won’t have a future in the Senate; President Obama naturally promised to veto any such measure even if it did make it past the Senate.


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