Bergen’s “Tea Party” Dems Irony

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Police CruiserIn case you missed it on Thursday, Save Jerseyans, Bergen Executive Kathe Donovan vetoed another attempt by her county’s Democrat-controlled freeholder board to merge the county police and sheriff’s department.

Freeholder Maura DeNicola (R), who is running for reelection this November, was the only member on the 7-person freeholder board to vote against the merger. You may recall that Maura is a friend of this site; she shared her thoughts on the merger with Save Jersey back in January.

It’s definitely worth a read ahead of the general election…

Maura’s Democrat opponents would rather demagogue than govern. “We will continue to fight to defend real savings and improvements to public safety, putting money back in the hands of the working men and women of Bergen County,” Freeholder Chairman David Ganz said in response to Donovan’s veto.

Laughable stuff! Ganz’s obsession with fighting Donovan on this issue is also incredibly ironic to say the least. Bergen Democrats have repeatedly attempted to radicalize DeNicola in voters’ minds by using the “tea party” Republican label.

But aren’t the Bergen Democrats doing EXACTLY what their national brethren are always accusing the tea party of perpetrating? Specifically, repeatedly wasting the taxpayers’ time by passing legislation that has no hope of being signed into law pending a turnover election? Kathe Donovan has had to veto this board no less than 29 times.

The Bergen Dems have excelled in hypocrisy since the Joe Ferriero/Dennis McNerney days when a ruthless machine controlled every significant county office except for Donovan’s former clerk post, Save Jerseyans. Now they’re behaving exactly like their own caricature of the tea party in order to get rid of Donovan anyone who agrees with her on consequential issues like the police merger.

We’re hoping Bergen residents will see right through it and reelect Freeholder DeNicola.

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