New Poll Avg: Christie +27

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


© Mykwain Gainey/ Chris Christie For Governor
© Mykwain Gainey/ Chris Christie For Governor

It’s a tale of two polls today, Save Jerseyans.

Governor Chris Christie leads Barbara Buono (BWOH’-noh) by 33-points (64% to 21%) in the latest Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday, representing a 4-point jump since its prior survey. Meanwhile, Governor Christie’s lead in Wednesday’s Stockton poll is down considerably to 24-points; his lead stood at 33-points in the last Stockton University survey.

What does it all mean?

Well, we’re dropping September’s Kean poll from the survey since it is now over one month old and was also conducted before the debates and most new advertising by both campaigns. The remaining six polls reflect a slight uptick for the incumbent to a Christie +27 race rating…

Quinnipiac University – Christie +33

Stockton University (NEW) – Christie +24

Rutgers-Eagleton – Christie +26

Stockton University – Christie +33

Monmouth University – Christie +24

Quinnipiac University – Christie +29

Rasmussen Reports – Christie +21

Fairleigh Dickinson – Christie +33

Kean University – Christie +18

Neither polling institution behind the latest surveys disputes the ultimate result.

“The election looks like a runaway,” said Maurice Caroll, the top dog over at the Quinnipiac poll. “Even almost a third of Democrats pick Christie over State Sen. Barbara Buono. She’s been an energetic campaigner, but more than a third of voters don’t know enough about her to decide whether or not they like her.”

How did Quinnipiac and Stockton fare in Election 2009?

In its last October survey before Christie v. Corzine, Quinnipiac predicted a 2-point Christie victory. Stockton forecasted a narrow Corzine win.

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  1. Hypocrite Christie chastised Snooki and the Jersey Shore show for being degrading to NJ and said it" perpetuates misconceptions" about the state and using his usual untactful language calling the reality stars "losers". yet today he perpetuated a misconception by saying "bodies will be strewn" if there is a Super Bowl screw-up "because that's the way we handle matters in NJ. The obvious kidding aside, Christie's comments do indeed "perpetuate misconceptions" about NJ and he should be held to account.

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