Lonegan Tries to Nationalize Run

Lonegan Tries to Nationalize Run

Lonegan to House Republicans: Wait For My Victory, Obama Will Fold

BArt Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com

Lonegan PresserGOP nominee for U.S. Senate Steve Lonegan today urged Republicans in the House of Representatives not to give into President Barack Obama’s demands for re-opening the government and raising the federal debt ceiling, declaring, “When I win, Obama will fold.”

“Republicans need to hold firm because seven days from today when Bob Menendez escorts me down the Senate aisle for my swearing in, the message about what our party should do will be clear for all,” Lonegan maintained.

“I have come as far as I have in this campaign by ignoring the advice from all the pollsters and consultants who have told me to change what I think and change who I am,” Lonegan added. “New Jerseyans are looking for a leader who fights for working taxpayers, not a Hollywood wannabe like Cory Booker who will rubber stamp the President’s far-left wing agenda.”


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  1. Hopefully New Joisey will have the Brains and Balls to Send Lonegan to WDC. Has the Fat Ass Phony RINO Governor endorsed Steve yet? I noticed him spooning with Booker and Obama.

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