Pallone ObamaCare Meltdown

Pallone ObamaCare Meltdown

Pallone Calls House ObamaCare Hearing A “Monkey Court”

By Art Gallagher |

PalloneAn angry and animated Congressman Frank Pallone slammed his Republican colleagues on the House Energy and Commerce Committee this morning for holding a “Monkey Court” designed to discourage enrollment in ObamaCare.

Pallone, after a bobble head soliloquy, angrily refused to yield to “this Monkey Court.”  “Do what ever you want,” Pallone shouted, “I’M NOT YIEDLING!”


52 thoughts on “Pallone ObamaCare Meltdown

  1. Palone is a leftist stooge guilty of treason with participating in this Un-constitutional law. He should never have won his election this time around

  2. Seems to me, I heard that a lot of personal information had to be provided in order to get an Obamaquote! And that late addition was given as one of the reasons for some of the site problems. Part of the personal information was medical info. As an Jersian, this is "person" is typical of what has controlled our state for decades.

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