New TV Spot Slams Van Drew, Albano

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

With Election Day less than one month away, Save Jerseyans, the LD1 GOP is taking aim at incumbents Sen. Jeff Van Drew and Asm. Nelson Albano for their conduct subsequent to the Troopergate scandal:


The TV ad’s transcript is below our fold…


Assemblyman Nelson Albano is under investigation for “abuse of power” after he lied to the State Police to ruin an innocent Trooper’s career. Senator Jeff Van Drew tried to cover up Albano’s attack on the Trooper, calling it “much ado about nothing”.

The Press criticized Van Drew for being “especially disingenuous” and “misrepresenting” the Albano investigation. “Abuse of power.” “Disingenuous.” Albano and Van Drew. Two arrogant Trenton politicians. Time for them to go.

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