Christie’s Sunday Talk Circuit (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Obamacare, Iran, school choice, immigration, tax cuts, his future plans and the fate of the Republican Party.

Governor Chris Christie had to tackle all of it today on the four major networks’ respective Sunday political talk shows:

Meet the Press


Fox News Sunday


This Week


Face the Nation


7 thoughts on “Christie’s Sunday Talk Circuit (VIDEO)

  1. Saw him on Meet the Press. I thought he was brilliant at answering the questions. Since he went to the same high school as I did, I know he is well prepared to do what he sets out to accomplish. Now, I want to know what he really plans on doing in his second term. He may take this liberal Democrat and make him a Republican. I'm that impressed.

  2. I am a big Christie fan. Proud of him and his roots. But, one morphs into something different when they dip their feet in politics. I have heard many great interviews of potential presidents over the years. I truly believe most mean what they say but become the monster politics demand. Search every president in your life time and find they all were a disappointment compared to their pre election words. The process, the thinking and the atmosphere brings everyone down

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