Epic Obamacare Fail: Only 742 N.J. “Enrollees”

Epic Obamacare Fail: Only 742 N.J. “Enrollees”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Obama GolfFederal officials are finally reporting on the number of Obamacare enrollees for both the federal exchange and the 14 independent state exchanges.

Two words for you: epic fail.

The initial Obama Administration target was 800,000 nationwide in the first two months. In our own state of New Jersey? Only 742 so far for the federal exchange (h/t Tim Dickinson).

Some value for that half-billion dollar website, huh? Balance 742 enrollees against a 17 to 18% premium increase and 800,000+ New Jerseyans who are losing their current health coverage and what you’ve got is something that’s going to be very hard for even a total ideological shill like Frank “Monkey Court” Pallone to defend. Like I said the other day: the lies keep getting bigger…

Oh, and I forgot to mention: “enrollee” is very broadly defined by the Obamites. They’re counting folks who simply logged onto the site and started an account, too, without purchasing anything. That’s kind of like you or I logging onto Amazon.com, putting an iPod into our “cart” and then logging off without buying it, but Amazon.com still counting it as a purchase for statistical purposes. Ridiculous stuff but, long story short, the actual number of enrollees is likely significantly lower than 742…

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  1. I wonder how many of those 742 actually bought coverage??? Remember that the Administration is counting people who only selected plans but didn't purchase said plan, as an enrollee. Pathetic.

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