Pallone: Obamacare “is Working”

Pallone: Obamacare “is Working”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Monkey Court Judge Frank PalloneDid you miss this last week, Save Jerseyans?

After Frank “Monkey Court” Pallone (D-NJ06) embarrassed himself twice on video in recent weeks, Cory Booker’s vanquished primary opponent came back to television for more punishment, this time at the hands of none other than… Piers Morgan?

Seeing is believing:


Working? For whom, exactly? And this “lousy” plans line is absurd as a defense for Obamacare, folks. Insultingly so.

Liberals consider a plan “lousy” if it doesn’t (1) cost more and (2) lacks mandated coverage that bears no rational correlation to the covered individual, i.e. a premium for mammograms in a 20-something male’s policy.

Nonsensical mandates are part of the reason why health insurance rates have been out-of-control in New Jersey for awhile. The Affordable Care Act is succeeding only in driving up rates almost across the board and decimating market-friendly plans for millions of Americans including 800k+ New Jerseyans like our own Save Jersey contributor Nicole Sanders.

We can complain until we’re blue in the fact but winning elections remains our only recourse. Unfortunately, Save Jerseyans, fiction passes for fact when Congressman Pallone’s monkey court is in session. Remember that when he’s up for reelection next fall.

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