Save Jersey’s Top Ten Political Power Rankings

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

State House TrentonOur 2013 New Jersey political power list is a little more simplistic than most, Save Jerseyans, but we’re big into hyper-realism around here.

This is what it all boils down to:

(1) Christopher J. Christie

(2) George Norcross III

(3) Super PACS

(4) A bunch of Big Labor Democrats and campaign pros who answer to GN3 or one of his capable lieutenants

(5) NJ GOP community: a healthy-sized group of Republican electeds/lobbyists/donors/professionals/operatives/socialites who are directly accountable to CJC or one of his capable lieutenants

(6) Assorted smart folks who write/report/analyze stuff worth reading: including but not limited (entirely) to Bob Ingle/Matt Katz/Matt Friedman/Charlie Stile/Art Gallagher/Brian McGovern/Dan Cirucci/NJ 101.5/Bill Spadea/Patrick Murray – tie

(7) Public Sector Unions (down from the #1 spot in 2009 – Chris Christie’s greatest accomplishment)

(8) Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (down from the #2 spot in 2009)

(9) 1,730,896 DEM 2013 legislative votes, all thanks to the late Alan Rosenthal’s embarrassingly-bad and unconstitutional redistricting map

(10) 1,854,422 GOP 2013 legislative votes, see rationale for #9

Note: Cory Booker isn’t included because, as regular readers know, he represents Twitter and not New Jersey.

Did we miss someone/something else?

I’m pretty sure that covers it, but since we also believe in keeping the “social” in social media, feel free to disagree with me in the comments section. 

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