Post-CV Dream Act Passes Both Chambers

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

ImmigrationAn update from under the Dome:

The DREAM Act now only needs Chris Christie’s signature to become law, Save Jerseyans.

Initially,  a late decision was made Thursday afternoon to table the measure before a final floor vote to block an attempt by Scott Rumana (R-Passaic) to amend the measure…

Governor Christie conditionally vetoed the measure. The Senate (27-7) and Assembly (50-26-1) subsequently approved Governor Christie’s changes.

One day my DREAM Act — alleviating New Jerseyans’ tax burden — will come to pass. Until then, everything Trenton does just seems to piss off Moody’s, make my life more expensive, and drive more of my friends to North Carolina. Everyone under the Dome needs to wake up from their fantasy; the rest of us are stuck in a nightmare of their creation…


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