Goldberg Tests Senate Waters

Goldberg Tests Senate Waters

By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

Brian Goldberg
Brian Goldberg

While most New Jersey pundits and politicos are waiting for Doherty, Webber, Bramnick or any combination of those three to decide on a run against Cory Booker (D-Twitter) next fall, Save Jerseyans, another man has been seen at functions around the state prompting some speculation that he might be seeking the seat.

His name won’t show up on many lists.

While focus seems to have shifted, perhaps rightfully so, to these legislators, businessman Brian Goldberg has already begun making the rounds at local meetings around the state, sparking speculation about his intentions for next fall.

Goldberg was the only one of the potential candidates to show up at the December BCRO Unity Rally, an integral part of what any successful statewide campaign would need.  He has also made an extraordinary effort to network with young Republicans; I can personally attest to him being at the last few Bergen YR meetings and the statewide YR meeting in early December. 

Speaking to those close to Goldberg, they openly admit to a definite interest on his part in the seat as he continues to explore the possibility in subtle yet visible ways.

While a long-shot in terms of name recognition, as a West Orange resident and the general manager at Beyond Concrete, Goldberg may represent the type of candidate who has had success in other states.  He has a long and successful track record in the business community and lacks the baggage that comes with an extensive vote history. He could offer a stark contrast with the absentee mayor and social media maven Booker.

Again, the issue for Goldberg would be name recognition and fundraising.  Goldberg would begin with nearly zero statewide name recognition and there is no indication he has built a strong fundraising base as of  yet. However, though we as avid politicos know of the three names mentioned to begin this article, they remain virtually unknown outside of their home districts.  It’s a problem that every candidate shares.

I am not entirely sure that anyone not named “Chris Christie” or a member of the Kean family really has much of a name recognition advantage on anyone. 

If Goldberg were to start soon, an upset at the primary stage isn’t impossible. He could even move into an improbably strong early position if the other more prominent party names decide against challenging Cory Booker in 2014. My only requirement this time around is a candidate willing to actually campaign and hit hard, Save Jerseyans, something many former senate candidates have failed to do.

We’ll continue to keep our eye on this development and, perhaps, all Save Jerseyans get to know the name “Brian Goldberg” very soon.

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  1. people who vote for the people are the problem. people need to hold them to account when the reckoning comes. this is not a good guy. his entire household should be removed from his holding.

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