Christie Talks Bridgegate at 11AM

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie will address Bridgegate developments at 11:00 a.m., Save Jerseyans, followed by a Q&A with the statehouse press corps.

We’ve heard (and independently confirmed) that the Governor has fired Bridget Kelly and told Bill Stepien that he’s no longer involved with the RGA or as the next NJ GOP Chairman.


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2 thoughts on “Christie Talks Bridgegate at 11AM

  1. Vote out the biggest troublemaker witch Barbara Buono of NJ Senate, and it’s all her miserable grudges made this “Bridgegate” big deal and tries to ruin Gov Christie’s Prez campaign even he HAS NOT announced he’s running… Enough and move on, loser Barb, won’t ya?

  2. I believe Christie. I heard and read what happened. Christie found out what happened and took immediate action. That’s Christie. What is appalling is the aggressive hunting for him to have been a part of this. And that someone died. Has Obama taken full credit for anything he has done??? That is ok with Liberals

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