Common Core = Common Failure

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to talk more about Common Core here at Save Jersey. New Jersey is implementing Common Core’s so-called state “standards” and you’ve asked for commentary on the topic so I’m prepared to give it to you, Save Jerseyans.

Don’t say thank you; I’m always here for you, aren’t I?

To get things rolling, here’s a humorous little skit which does a pretty awesome job of illustrating why Common Core standards don’t prepare kids for the real world. Or any other planet:


3 thoughts on “Common Core = Common Failure

  1. Common Core = Teaching to the Least Common Denominator to accelerate the road to perdition!

    The last comment by the interviewee sums it all up.

    I would only one thing to this video: the woman being interviewed should have a "Kanye is Yeezus" logo on her t-shirt

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