Good News, Bad News Poll For Christie

By Art Gallagher |

The official cake at Governor Christie's Election Night 2013 party in Asbury Park.
The official cake at Governor Christie’s Election Night 2013 party in Asbury Park.

A Rasmussen Poll taken Thursday evening after Governor Chris Christie’s marathon press conference apologizing for the September George Washington Bridge lane closures indicates that 60% of likely New Jersey voters approve of the job that Christie is doing and 55% hold a favorable opinion of him.

Yet, New Jerseyans are skeptical of Christie’s claims that he had no prior knowledge of the Bridgegate closures or his staff’s involvement.

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2 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News Poll For Christie

  1. Why wouldn't they be skeptical? The majority of the voters there are influenced by the media. The media has taken the position, without any proof mind you, the Christie had something to do with this. And why would the left leaning media take that position. Two reasons, to keep this going as long as they can and hopefully run interference for Hillary. Hell, I can't think of one of the many scandals of the current president where they covered with this much intensity. Or made assumptions. Even when the presidents people made the rounds on just about every news talk show to tell us a video was the reason for Benghazi, they took them at their word. When the presidents representative took the fifth on the IRS scandal, the media accepted that there was nothing they could do and let it drift into the wind. Fast and Furious, Where an ICE agent was killed with one of the weapons. No Problem. Executive privilege, and they bought it . Yup, no reason in my mind.

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