Ten Things Christie Can Do Now

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

Chris Christie FY 2013 Budget AddressBridgegate still lingers in the air.

But it’s not too early for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to begin pivoting, moving away from the scandal, repairing his image, correcting his mistakes, showing the public a new side and turning all of this into an ultimate triumph.

Here are ten things that he can do now:

1) Don’t hide. Do your job, governor. Stay in front of the public. Be cheerful and carry on.

2) Give a great State of the State address tomorrow. Come out swinging and knock it our of the park.

3) Follow this up with a first-rate, forward looking Inaugural Address on January 21 and a knockout Budget Address as well. Set a clear, achievable agenda. Stay strong, vigorous, in-command.

4) Do a flurry of Town Halls and other public events around the state. This is where you excel, Governor. Get out among the people of New Jersey. Listen to them. Many of them will give you the best advice you’ll ever get. They will strength you and rally you.

5) Show tough love. Take a page from Mandela. You can be both tough and forgiving. Don’t hate your enemies, but soldier on. Answer your critics boldly, directly, honestly.

6) Clean house if you have to but do it step-by-step in a methodical way. Still, don’t hesitate to chuck the rotten apples if any are still around. You surely cannot afford them now. Say “goodbye” to cronies.

7) Bring in the best people you can find: People who are seasoned, smart, level-headed, clear-eyed and analytical, if need be.

8) Broaden your circle. Do it carefully but do it nonetheless. Beware of “yes” men — be they male or female. Seek and, if necessary accept constructive criticism.

9) At the right time step up the national profile. Don’t shy away from it. Don’t be hesitant. Show you’re still in the game.

10) Take a page from Reagan. Show some humility; don’t worry about who gets credit for what; be gracious; laugh at yourself. Surprise the public and the media and do it in a good way.

Always remember: This is an opportunity, Governor. Seize it!

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