A Stone Gathering No Moss

The Super-Scary Liberal Playbook of Economic Reform

By Michael Ritchie | The Save Jersey Blog

Rolling StoneRolling Stone magazine has once again moved into the realm of the ridiculous, Save Jersyans. 

My only hope is that young adults and adults alike have moved away from reading this unrepentant and garbage ridden magazine. 

Within their current issue you can read an article titled “new economic reforms that millenials should fight for in the new year.” Their basis for argument has some merit, in that they agree that the economy is still horrendous. No argument there!

However, their solutions for the agreed-upon problem are sure to drive us farther and farther into a black hole:

1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody

2. Social Security for all

3. Take Back The Land

4. Make Everything Owned by Everybody

5. A Public Bank in Every State

Even as I type these “solutions,” I cringe and can’t help but think that these are just downright communist and derived from a socialist ideology that was felt and never thought-out by the author.

It’s not too difficult to realize how every one of these ideas would destroy what semblance of an economy remains after being Obama-nated or liberal-ated over the past five years. The article’s explanations for each “solution” is even more painful to read.  Can you imagine how unproductive society would be if work was guaranteed?  Why would ever endeavor to educate or improve ourselves? We would transform from a nation of inventors and entrepreneurs into a nation of complete imbeciles and moochers. 

The article also went so far as to criticize landlords for have the nerve to charge tenants rent for living in their property.  However, their ingenious solution to this problem is to either raise taxes on these landlords or centralize all rental properties into “large-scale community land trusts,” because after all how can a landlord pretend to own a piece of land that “nature provided”?

Reading this article made me less angry and more scared, Save Jersyans… just downright scared.

How many people in this country are thinking this way? Completely and totally divorced from reality and common sense? Is this where we are headed? I hope not. I like to think that millennials want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) or the next Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!) and create something big, not take something big.

Time will tell what road we head down, but socialist propaganda like the slop you’ll find in Rolling Stone isn’t helping.