A New Christie For A New Normal

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com

chris christieIf Governor Chris Christie’s presidential prospects have been damaged by the Bridgegate scandal and associated investigations, you wouldn’t know it by the amount of television cameras at the Town Hall Meeting in Port Monmouth this morning.  Middletown officials estimate the crowd was about 500 people. There was easily 50 members of the media including reporters, photographers and videographers.

There was no swagger from the Governor today.  No fist pumps, no snazzy introductory video, no in your face insults to hostile questioners.  Christie dodged the only hostile question he heard.  The Youtube moment came not from an idiot or thin skinned reporter, but from a three year old girl who said her house is still broken.

Bridgegate, the controversy over the September lane closures at the George Washington Bridge that has spurred investigations by the U.S. Attorney and a Special Legislative Committee never came up.  The people who came to today’s meeting would gladly trade places with the Bergen County residents who were inconvenienced by traffic jams for four days.  They been without their homes for 16 months.

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46 thoughts on “A New Christie For A New Normal

  1. @Theodore Republicans are the ones who work during the day. If Democrats can’t show up at 11 a.m., then it’s because there’s a particularly engaging Maury Povich marathon on the tube or an Obama phone special sale (20 million for the price of none).

  2. I believe that Chris Christi is doing the best job humanly possible dealing with a catastrophic event with little or no support from the feds .

  3. Being a Sandy Victim, I know first hand how hard it was. But in the fall my house was finally fixed.

  4. The people from Middletown that showed up to see this bully r part of the problem .. No one asked about an investigation by the Justice Dept.. Oh and it’s 16 months later and people still have no answers about their homes…. Wake up voters… The guy is a bully!!!! He won’t survive this investigation

  5. When I think about the 4 Federal Amigos, Senators Bob Menendez, Corey Booker, Congressmen Rush Holt and Congressman Frank Pallone, and the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, you know I’m kinda reminded of a few lines in Bruce Springsteen’s song “We Take Care of Our Own”: ….”there ain’t no help, the Calvary stayed home… There ain’t no hearing the bugle blowing… Why is this all on Gov. Christie? Where are our Federal Representatives revising legislation so funding flows into NJ and rebuilding can occur for ALL. Sen. Sweeney was in Tom River meeting 50 devastated residents, Gov. Christie was in Middletown with 500 plus!

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