Regional PAC Backs MacArthur

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tom MacArthur
Tom MacArthur

The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC’s eight member endorsement committee has voted unanimously to back Congressional Candidate Tom MacArthur (R-NJ03) in the upcoming GOP primary to replace Jon Runyan on the November ballot.

A final endorsement vote heads to the full board of PAC delegates.

“We were extremely impressed with Tom MacArthur’s experience in both the private and public sectors–and, reminiscent of Congressman Runyan, his commitment to charitable organizations,” said Burlington County resident and PAC Vice President Bill Green. “Tom possesses an upbeat Reaganesque quality and will set a proper tone as he campaigns for congress. His belief in smaller government, lower taxes, and free enterprise makes him a perfect fit for our district.

“Tom is also pro-life, with exceptions, and will vote against taxpayer-funded abortions,” continued Green. “These are positions the Independence Hall Tea Party has strongly advocated.”

The PAC didn’t stop at its endorsement of MacArthur, offering an explanation for why it had declined to support Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan who, uncoincidentally, formally kicked off his own CD3 campaign on Thursday afternoon in Toms River.

“In order to be a champion, you have to be able to set a proper tone and win elections,” added Green. “The truth is, after being elected Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, Mr. Lonegan has run four times for higher office. In 1998, he ran for US Congress in the 9th District against Steve Rothman and lost by a 2-1 margin. He ran for Governor in 2005 and 2009–never advancing beyond the primary. Last year, he handily lost a bid for the US Senate. This will be Mr. Lonegan’s fifth attempt at higher office. We know, all to well, his personal ambition.”

Lonegan weathered a withering attack from the Burlington County GOP earlier Thursday delivered none other than former freeholder and current state Senator Dawn Addiego who insisted via a strongly-worded press release that the 2013 Republican Senate nominee was “no Reagan.”