NYT: Internal Review Clears Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

christie laughing at town hallCritics will undoubtedly scoff at the news, Save Jerseyans, but the NYT reported Monday morning that a one million dollar internal review of the Christie Administration’s handling of Bridgegate has cleared the Governor of any wrongdoing:

Questioned about the credibility of an internal inquiry, Mr. Mastro said there was no incentive to sugarcoat the findings. Any shortcomings of the investigation are likely to be exposed by parallel investigations now underway, by the State Legislature and the United States attorney in New Jersey, Paul J. Fishman.

“At the end of the day, we will be judged by whether we got this right,” said Mr. Mastro, who called the review “comprehensive and exhaustive.”

Much about the review remains secret, and Mr. Mastro declined to describe any specific content before its release. But it is expected to lay out a detailed narrative of the events, motivations and communications leading up to the closing of the lanes, which snarled traffic in Fort Lee, N.J., for thousands of commuters last September.

According to those familiar with the report, it will also address what and when Mr. Christie and his aides knew about the lane closings; analyze the structure, practices and culture of the Christie administration that contributed to the scandal; and issue pointed recommendations to prevent such conduct.

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3 thoughts on “NYT: Internal Review Clears Christie

  1. In other news, Gov. Chris Christie was also cleared in other scandals, including but not limited to Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, NSA snooping, as well as alleged destruction of Obama’s original birth certificate. Christie’s involvement in the latest Russian move against Ukraine is still being investigated but the indictment is unlikely.

  2. The NJ dems told Christie “you pass the 10 round Mag ban and .22 gun ban or we will dig deeper and make an example of you”.

  3. Breaking News: After an exhaustive and painstaking review of all the evidence, a lawyer hired by Bill Clinton says Bill Clinton “never had sex with that woman”.

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