Sources: Paul to Challenge Pascrell

CD9By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

After coming up short in last week’s 3-way BCRO freeholder convention battle, reliable Save Jersey sources report that Dr. Deirdre Paul is planning to challenge Rep. Bill Pascrell for his CD9 House seat.

We wish her all the best. It’s a lot for any Republican to bite off, even in the best of GOP cycles…

CD9 is a deep blue D+14 district which includes portions of Passaic, Hudson and Bergen County; the new district is a mishmash of the former 8th and 9th, the latter of which was represented by former Rep. Steve Rothman.

Rep. Pascrell continues to earn reelection by wide margins. In fact, ever since his first successful reelection campaign in 1998, Pascrell hasn’t earned less than 60% of the vote. In 2012, he defeated national radio personality Shmuley Boteach with 74% of votes cast.

Dr. Paul, a former Democratic municipal chairman from Englewood, serves as a professor of education at Montclair State University.




6 thoughts on “Sources: Paul to Challenge Pascrell

  1. Godspeed to her; Pascrell is so bad, a race between him and Satan would qualify as contended Dem primaries. Is Dr. Deidre Paul anyhow related to another Dr. Paul, of Texan fame?

  2. Pascrell must lose his seat for his overwhelming support of Obamacare, the job killer.
    He is a total career politician and an anti 2nd Amendment crusader.

  3. Pascrell endorsed the flying of Hammas flag over Paterson’s town Hall..

  4. I wish Bill Pascrell loses this election. He is a puppet of all the Obama’s administration can make up to harm the American people in all its ways.

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