LoBiondo Launches Bus Tour

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

lobiondo signsThis year’s hot congressional contests are happening further north, in CD3 and CD12, but that doesn’t mean elections are cancelled everywhere else, Save Jerseyans.

For starters, the reelection campaign of Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ02) is kicking off a one-day, 8-county bus tour on March 29th. It all starts with a kick off rally at 8:00 a.m. in Ocean City followed up by a host of stops and wrapping up in Egg Harbor Township.

A fierce opponent of Obamacare, LoBiondo drew the ire of conservatives in recent cycles by backing card check, cap and trade and, most recently, raising the federal debt ceiling without strings. The 9-term incumbent missed out on a potentially robust general election challenge when state Senator Van Drew took a pass; Democrats are defaulting to criminal attorney Bill Hughes whose father was succeeded by LoBiondo. Former Absecon school board member Mike Assad is his declared primary opponent.

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49 thoughts on “LoBiondo Launches Bus Tour

  1. I found it interesting that the Atlantic City Press just ran a front page article on South Jersey farmers being in favor of ‘immigration reform’ because they need low paid workers. The Congressman has many farms in his district. Coincidence the article ran before the bus tour? When I was young there were seasonal workers that came to work the farms and then went back home. WE DONT NEED TO LEGALIZE THEM. Make sure we remind the Congressman of that.

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