Lonegan Should Challenge Pallone

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com

Frank "Monkey Court" Pallone
Frank “Monkey Court” Pallone

Steve Lonegan is not going to win the GOP nomination to replace the retiring Congressman Jon Runyan in New Jersey’s third congressional district.

The party bosses in Ocean and Burlington Counties that comprise the district have settled on endorsing former Randolph Mayor Tom MacArthur.  Ocean County Republicans with the stones to defy Chairman George Gilmore are lining up behind Toms  River Councilman Maurice Hill, a retired Navy rear admiral.  If Lonegan continues to compete for the nomination in the party conventions, he’s likely to come in third in Ocean and second in Burlington.  Lonegan does not have an organization to compete with the Ocean and Burlington Republican organization should he run a primary race against MacArthur.

Lonegan should stop fighting fellow Republicans in Ocean and Burlington and come north to Monmouth and Middlesex where we need his considerable talent.  If Monmouth GOP Chairman John Bennett and Middlesex GOP Chairman Sam Thompson have not been on the phone pleading with Lonegan to take on ObamaCare author Frank Pallone in the 6th Congressional district, they are missing an opportunity.

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8 thoughts on “Lonegan Should Challenge Pallone

  1. Lord knows John Bennett knows how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – ask Michael Pappas.

  2. I like Lonegan, but I’m not really a fan of people moving so they can run for office.

  3. He’s not the only one in CD3 that did that. The difference is, (and I am certainly not a Lonegan apologist), he does actually live in the house in Lavallette, at least for now. It’s not an empty condo.

  4. Oh, and “court” was Frank catching himself before he said something much more rude.

  5. We want Steve Lonegan in Congressional District 3 tell MacArthur to take a hike & go against Pallone
    The GOP doesn’t own Lonegan which is another reason Lonegan gets my vote

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